Shipping to France is now free, starting at 6 bottles (180€)


Logo Château Marlow

We sell rare and limited Champagnes to an international audience, owning cryptocurrencies.

Château Marlow’s goal is to demonstrate cryptocurrencies can be used to shop without banks, as the Bitcoin was meant to be at its creation, following the subprime mortgage crisis.

Château Marlow's dream is to become a leading c-commerce (for crypto-commerce), with a limited and exclusive range of luxury french products.

Where's Château Marlow?
Château Marlow is a digital-only property, like cryptocurrencies. Don’t look for a real Château Marlow in France, yet.

Why Château Marlow?
The Château is the tradition. Marlow is my son. 
Château Marlow blends heritage and future.

Who's speaking?
I'm Xuoan Duquesne. I live in France between Normandy, Paris and Champagne, obviously.

Thanks to:
The Lalouelle family for their trust.
Scott Pennor's for the visual identity.
JOIE, maison de couleurs for the photos.